FAST is a subsidiary in the Federal Auto Holdings Berhad Group which provide a one-stop solutions for performance and car-care. Established in 2009, FAST is the exclusive distributor for ABT, Heico and Williams as well as a business partner with Llumar, Pecca Leather and Hills.

The installation and after-sales support of all the accessories offered by FAST are carried out by personnel specially trained by the respective companies. Installation is done in modern facilities with equipment recommended by the companies to ensure the highest quality of work.

ABT is a well-known brand which made its name in international motorsport. Using the expertise gained on the race track, ABT has developed a range of accessories for Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda models. Besides aerodynamic bodykits, these accessories include high-performance products such as lightweight alloy wheels, exhaust systems, sports suspensions and brake systems. FAST also provides ABT’s tuning expertise for upgrading the performance of engines.

Williams offers a line of car-care products that are the ultimate in cleaning and maintenance, keeping cars looking as new as the day they left the showroom. FAST personnel have been specially trained to professionally apply the high-performance ceramic and synthetic coatings that give superior protection to the paintwork for a lasting shine and distinctiveness.

Heico is the premier select tuner for Volvo, its association with the Swedish brand going back to 1972. Over four decades, Heico has developed products to enhance the appearance of Volvo cars as well as upgrade their performance. Today, the company offers over 400 exclusive products for current Volvo models which include power upgrades, light alloy wheels, sport exhaust systems and sport suspensions. FAST offers these products and also ensures that they are installed professionally and backed with assured after-sales support.

Llumar is an American brand specialising in window films for automotive applications. Its films employ the latest technology for durability, quality, colour stability and performance. Besides offering films that enhance the looks of a car and keeping the interior cool, Llumar also has films which increase security. These films make the glass more resistant to shattering when hit with an object, providing protection against smash-and-grab robberies. Installation is carried out by professionals at FAST who have received training and certification by Llumar.

Hills, a British company which has been in business since 1927, offers stylish and easy-to-wash numberplates to all Federal Auto’s outlets. The number plates are fully compliant with JPJ regulations.

FAST is located in the Temasya Industrial Park at Glenmarie in Shah Alam Selangor. Besides the professional services for installation of products, it also offers a quick lube service.

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Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed


ABT accessories.


HEICO accessories.

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Body & Paint

The Johor Bahru Body & Paint (B&P) Centre is the first stand-alone outlet in the Federal Auto Group. It was set up to provide specialised collision repair services for the three automotive brands represented, ie Volkswagen, Volvo and Mitsubishi.

Additionally, a second B&P Centre is also available at Glenmarie, Selangor, which offers similar services to customers in the Klang Valley.

At both the Johor Bahru and Glenmarie B&P Centres, customers can be assured that every vehicle is restored using the best methods and equipment. Only Genuine Parts by the respective brands are used to guarantee top quality and durability. Furthermore, all the parts that are required for the repair work are obtained only from the official distributors of each brand.

Trained personnel at the Johor Bahru & Glenmarie B&P Centres will assist customers when they require repair or refinishing services. These personnel, some with 20 years of experience in the field, will thoroughly assess the damage and offer recommendations on the best and speediest repair process. All jobs are estimated carefully and every item and process is clearly stated and explanations are provided so that there is full transparency for the customer’s peace of mind.

Having rapport with PIAM-registered Insurance companies means that the processes involved in a repair job can be done more speedily. The Johor Bahru B&P Centre is authorised to commence repair work immediately (when dealing with MSIG, Tokio Marine & Allianz, our panel insurance company) for any work that is estimated to cost below RM20,000. This means that a customer can regain use of his or her vehicle in a much shorter time hence reducing inconvenience.

Some of the state-of-the-art equipment used includes a frame aligner machine from Car-O-Liner which is recognised and approved by all the major brands in the world including Volkswagen, Volvo and Mitsubishi. Using a computerised measuring system and 3-angle sensors, the body alignment can be precisely set to match the original structure.

If the damage is severe, it is unavoidable for certain panels from being cut during repair work but the personnel have received extensive training and the techniques used are in accordance with Malaysian regulations as well as the respective manufacturers’ requirements.

Refinishing (repainting) is also done to very high standards using top-quality paint from DuPont, the world’s premier supplier of automotive coatings. Trained painters ensure accurate colour-matching and a quality of finish that is comparable to new vehicle after it has been passed through the painting booth.

For faster completion of body preparation for painting, the dry sanding process is used at the B&P Centres. This process is quicker than the traditional wet sanding process which requires soaking the sandpaper in water for some time as well as maintaining wetness on the body surface. Dry sanding also avoids the problems of moisture passing through the porous primer and causing rust to start later on.

The spray painting booth is equipped with an infrared heater which ensures that the paint is properly backed for long-lasting durability that is almost as good as a factory finish. Special care is taken when placing the vehicle in the paint booth to avoid damage to items that may be sensitive to high temperatures.

All repairs carried out are backed by a warranty for a period of 1 year from the date the customer receives the vehicle back officially.